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AMAZING MACHINES OF THE FOREST PRODUCTS INDUSTRY: National Video Profiles Inc. - Seattle, WA (206) 323-7995
SUMMARY: This video looks at the machines used in harvesting and getting the logs to the mill, the machines used in the saw milling process and the machines involved when making oriented strand board (OSB).
(P, I, S, A) 30 min.

THE DYNAMIC FOREST: Temperate Forest Foundation - 14780 SW Osprey Drive, Suite 355, Beaverton, Oregon 97997 (503) 547-6762 Fax: (503) 579-0300
SUMMARY: This video touches on the history of forested lands, changes in the forest that are due to natural causes, succession, sustainability, old growth and the renewal process.
(I, S, A) 15 min.

FIRESMART – PROTECTING YOUR HOME FROM WILDFIRE – MoF, Protections Branch. www.for.gov.bc.ca/protect & www.partnersinprotection.ab.ca
SUMMARY: Video and handbook information on protecting yourself from wildfires.
(I,S,A) 11 min.

FOREST HEALTH (The Introduction to) Ministry of Forest, www.for.gov.bc.ca or BC Inquiry 1-800-663-7867
SUMMARY: Provides an overview of BC's forest industry and looks at health issues.
(upper I, S, A) 13.38 min.

SUMMARY: This video focuses on the crisis in the health of forests as a result of the attitude that we must preserve our forests for eternity, a belief that has created a major health crisis. One solution, the cut-to-length method, is discussed.
(upper I, S, A) 21 min.

A GROWING SUCCESS: REFORESTATION IN BC: Ministry of Forest, www.for.gov.bc.ca, 1-800-663-6105
SUMMARY: A review of current regeneration statistics and an historical overview of some of the accomplishments that created today's reforestation process.
(I,S,A) 15 min.

IT TAKES A TREE: Pacific Logging Congress. Phone: (425) 413-2808, email: [email protected]. www.pacificloggingcongress.com
SUMMARY: Each of us uses the equivalent of a tree 100 feet tall and 18 inches in diameter each year. See what is done to protect the environment when your tree is cut. (There is a BC version of this video and a teacher guide.)
(S,A) 17 min.

LENNY THE LUMBERJACK: Gibby Media Group, 113 E. Magnesium, Spokane, WA 99208
SUMMARY: This video was filmed in the Williams Lake area and shows a real life harvesting presentation with a local cat operator as the narrator. Machines shown include: feller buncher, backhoe, crawler tractor, caterpillars, delimbers, loader & logging trucks.
(P, I) 50 min.

THE MIRACLE RESOURCE: Temperate Forest Foundation - 14780 SW Osprey Drive Suite 355, Beaverton, Oregon 97997. Phone: (503) 547-6762 Fax: (503) 579-0300
SUMMARY: This video promotes the use of wood as non-toxic, beautiful, renewable, recyclable, biodegradable, energy efficient, durable, and versatile. It also looks at the advantages of managing our forests.
(I,S,A) 15 min.

THE RIGHT CHOICE: CAREERS IN THE FOREST PRODUCTS INDUSTRYTHE RIGHT CHOICE: CAREERS IN THE FOREST PRODUCTS INDUSTRY Temperate Forest Foundation, 14780 SW Osprey Drive, Suite 355, Beaverton, Oregon 97007. www.forestinfo.org (503) 579-6762
SUMMARY: A look at the diversity of jobs that are vital to the successful management of our forest resource from the forest floor to the end product.
(I,S,A) 12min

TIMBERJACK ......the first 50 years: Timberjack Group, www.timberjack.com
SUMMARY: This video is a journey through 50 years of logging mechanization in the forest. With only popular music from each era as an accompaniment, the viewer witnesses the technological advances from the first skidder to the computerized harvesting machine of today with a brief glimpse at walking machines of the future.
(P,I,S,A) 9:30min.

TINY BEETLES EXPENSIVE TASTES: Media Sales, Biomedical Communications, UBC. Phone: 822-4819 or (604) 822-5545 Fax: (604) 822-2004
SUMMARY: A look at the tiny ambrosia beetle (5-6mm) that caused $120 million dollars in damage to coastal woods in BC in 1991. The video provides information on the beetle’s life cycle and illustrates how high grade sawlogs are degraded by dark staining pinholes in the outer 5-10 cm. of the lumber.
(I, S, A) 20 min.

TREES ARE THE ANSWER: Chambers Productions. Hosted by Dr. Patrick Moore www.greenspirit.com
SUMMARY: green Spirit – “Trees Are The Answer delivers a powerful message about forests that runs contrary to much of the environmental movement’s current thinking.”
(S,A) 30 min.

TWO SIDES OF FIRE: Temperate Forest Foundation - 14780 SW Osprey Drive Suite 355, Beaverton, Oregon 97997 Phone: (503) 547-6762 Fax: (503) 579-0300
SUMMARY: This videos discusses the varied and diverse uses of fire in the forest industry. Fire is nature’s way of controlling disease, replenishing the nutrients of the soil and, in some cases, opening cones to release the seeds. The pros and cons of controlled and uncontrolled burns are also compared.
(upper I, S, A) 16 min.

WHERE, WHY AND HOW: A Child's guide to every stuff: Volume 1: HOUSE Pacific Logging Congress - 2300 SW 6th Ave. #200 Portland, Oregon 97201. Phone: (503) 421-2304
SUMMARY: A story told from a tree's point-of-view with delightful humor and eye-catching animation. Its journey from forest to lumber mill to building site shows young viewers how a house is built, demonstrating the many uses for wood, both inside and out. The film comes full circle with the planting of seedlings to replace the harvested trees.
(P) 9 min.

WHISTLEPUNKS and SLIVERPICKERS: I Can Do It! Productions, PO Box 5934, Beaverton, Oregon 97006 1-800-698-3567 or (503) 684-8497
SUMMARY: This video has four parts - 1. In the Woods 2. Sawmill 3. Plywood Plant 4. Process from log to board.
(upper P, lower I) 30 min.

WILDFIRE – A FORCE OF NATURE: King Motion Picture Corporation www.thislivingworld.com, [email protected]
SUMMARY: “Wildfire is an ecological process within the rhythms of nature that plays a vital role in the balance of all forest life of plants and animals.
(S,A) 29 min.

Last updated: October 2004
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Compiled by: Debbie Sluggett, Educational Liaison to Bell Pole, Tolko, LP Canada, Downie, RCFC
Phone/Fax: 250-503-2477

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